Final Blog Update Jan.15

As the title says this will be my last blog post ever in propel so I’ll try my best to make it as long as I can but I’m not a very good writer. I’ll start the blog off by telling you what I’ve done this week. This week in propel was a fairly busy week. Next week is our presentation week so for this entire week I’ve been writing it. The presentation is supposed to be 15-20 minutes long which for me has been extremely difficult because as I said before I’m not a good writer. as for my project I haven’t done much to it because I’ve been working on other things but, last week I did spray the tree stencil on to it but aside from that I was only practicing dagger strokes because I need to use them for the tree branches. So that’s what’s happened recently, seeing as this is my final blog I guess I’ll take a few moments to talk about propel. Unfortunately I was only here for a semester, but in that time I meet some cool people and had a good time working on things a liked to do.

Peace out ya’ll




Blog update Dec.18

This week in propel was the last week before winter break so we didn’t do a whole lot of cool things, also I was sick for a few days this week so this week’s blog will be pretty short. On the days that I was here (Monday, Tuesday, and today) I was airbrushing my good copy of the bass drum head and got as far as finishing the galaxy background. Other than finishing the background there much I have done this week. Today I am going to be working on a new stencil because I think the one I made before was too big and would look weird on the drumhead so I’m going to make a smaller version of it.

Blog update Dec. 11

This week in propel was a fairly good week, I had run into a problem because the paint I was using wasn’t adhering at all to my test drum head.  Mr. P then suggested that I went to a cool art supply store called artists emporium, so Diego and myself went to this store and talked to their airbrush expert Bart who suggested that I us a type of paint called Wicked colors. Wicked colors is a paint that is used by the pros so we purchased this paint and went to the lab and tested it out and it worked like a charm. Other than that the week wasn’t to exiting I was mostly in the graphics lab practicing my galaxy effect on the test drum head.


Blog update Dec.4

This week in propel was fairly good, I got to go into the lab again this weeki got to go in and do some testing on a new style to airbrush my design in, although it was hard to do because the airbrushes are very dirty, I tried to clean the guns but they ended up being to messed up due to all the paint that was clogging the gun. Today we got to go out of the classroom today to go see the NMC’s musical beauty and the beast starring propels very own Sean Coli, it was a very well put together musical and I enjoyed seeing sean wear that really dumb outfit.

Blog Update Nov. 19

This week in propel our class went to WE day, I didnt go due to the fact that I was sick that day but im pretty bummed that i missed it becuae i’ve always wanted to go. Other then WE day we didnt really do anything special this week, although we do have half the day off tomorrow because of report card pick up day  which im very exited about. next week will be alot more intiresting because we will be in the shops.

blog update nov.13

This week in propel wasnt that exciting, we didn’t go anywhere this week but we did start a project for gym about fights in hockey which to me is a very interesting because is regularly discussed in the NHL today, I think that there should be fights in hockey because it will keep the cheap shots and dirty hits down. For my project I need to be in the graphics lab so I can use their airbrush equipment so this week Mr. P got all the people who need to be in the shops and we all decided on a few days that the shops were open and Mr.P had time to supervise us. For my independent work I started on sketching a few designs for my projects and working out what design will go on what canvas, the designs themselves vary in how complicated they are but I think the end results will be very good and I am extremely exited about this project.

Blog update Nov. 6

This week in propel Things were pretty good at the beginning of the week we went to the human rights museum for a media smarts conference which turned out not as good as i thought it would be . Once again switched my project slightly, I am still going to be airbrushing but instead of building a cajon to airbrush I am going to be using some of my contacts in the music world to find some old drum parts like a cymbal which I have already acquired, an old bass drum head, and either a drum shell or a bunch of broken stick ( it may be hard to find an old shell so the sticks are my back-up plan). I am pretty pumped for this new project and thankful that the teacher let me change my project for a 3rd time.

innovation alley

We had a very interesting day here in propel, we took a field trip to innovation alley which for the people who don’t know what that is, it is a part of the exchange district where there a lot of new business’ that have been started by graduates of red river college. Our first stop on the tour was the ramp up program which is an apartment for multiple entrepeneur to rent an area with multiple tools that they can use to make prototypes of there products which they all share. the second stop on our tour was a building with multiple businsess’ including skip the dishes. many of which where in the ramp up program previously.

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New Project

since my last post I have changed my project, now instead of writing and performing a song i am going to be designing, fabricating and then airbrushing a cajon. A cajon is a wooden box that has a snare in it, the player sits on top of the box and plays it like one would play the bongo. I am exited to start this new project because i think it will be a lot of fun and hard work. I have never done a woodworking project before and think it would be cool to try something new. This new project will take a long time to do and will involve me using tools that i have never used before.

The Song

Today I finally decided on what my project will be: Me and 2 other people are going to write and perform a song. So far we have done a fair amount of planning like finding out what our “big picture” is and are currently writing the lyrics, developing a melody, and learning about chord progression and how it goes with making the song. Me and the other people in our group ae very excited about writing and performing this song. There is still lots of work that needs to be done but I fell like making the song will be lots of fun.